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How can I get my photo to appear in SkipThePie comments?

Visit, create an account and add a profile image. SkipThePie will automatically pick up your gravatar profile image for any comments you post.

Where does SkipThePie's data come from?

SkipThePie uses the United States Department of Agriculture's Nutrient Database for Standard Reference. We use the 2010 version of this database which is the newest version and is called SR23.

Why is SkipThePie better than other nutritional websites?

Why doesn't have any ads? is a volunteer project that we hope will encourage a greater interest in healthy nutrition. The site is funded by donations and we hope to keep it ad free for as long as possible.

How can I cite as a source when quoting nutritional information in a blog entry or paper?

Every food and ingredient on SkipThePie has a pre-written citation available in APA and MPA format. Click the link at the top of the page to access pre-written citations for that food's nutritional data. If you are using a text editor, cut and paste the black citation text into your editor. If you are editing an HTML page, cut and paste the HTML that we provide into your editor and presto! Please note that all dates we generate for citations are in the GMT (UTC or Zulu) time zone.

Who runs is run by a group of volunteers who are passionate about nutrition. We are seasoned Internet entrepreneurs and have launched and run some of the Web's most popular sites.

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You can email us at

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